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The City thinks every employee should have the opportunity to come into a work environment that values, verifies, and commemorates their special strengths & experiences. We should be a labor force that represents the gender, racial, & cultural population of our City.

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With its collection of historical homes, museums and battlegrounds, Frederick, Maryland, is a must-see destination for any history lover. The websites of 2 bloody Civil War fights are preserved at Monocacy National forest and South Mountain State Park. Within the city, visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and learn how soldiers injured in those battles were treated, or check out the house of Barbara Fritchie and visualize her hanging destiny & Stripes in defiance of the Confederate Army.

Frederick is located just an hour northwest of Washington, DC, and an hour to the west of Baltimore. A large historic district with buildings dating as far back as the 18th century lends appeal to the city. Recently, Frederick transitioned from a little town with rural roots to a city with a wide variety of impressive destinations.

The downtown district includes numerous antique shops, and white wine fans will enjoy exploring local wineries along the beautiful "wine trail." Our new houses in Frederick have a special appeal for purchasers who are looking to settle near Washington however want a more serene, pastoral place. Frederick is a diverse city whose districts incorporate historic websites to contemporary cultural centers and leisure outlets.

Our brand-new building and constructions in Frederick are likewise near the Weinberg Center for the Arts, which uses performances and efficiencies in a restored 1926 movie palace. Those seeking shopping will find more than 200 antique stores and retail facilities in Frederick's historical downtown. Our new Frederick home developments are within simple drive of regional parks consisting of Cunningham Falls State Park and Baker Park and their attached athletic fields, tennis courts, play areas and picnic locations.

Kids and grown-ups alike will take pleasure in a train ride on the Walkersville Southern Railway, a vintage train offering unique events and private charters. Directed strolling trips and candlelight ghost trips around Frederick's magnificently renewed, 50-block downtown area display interesting architecture and websites connected to renowned "residents" like Francis Scott Secret and Civil War heroine Barbara Fritchie. Not surprising that the National Trust of Historic Preservation acknowledged Frederick as one of "America's Lots Distinctive Destinations." Kara NormanDowntown Frederick Partnership, Inc.( 301) 698-8118.

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis the Weinberg Center for the Arts remains closed. Ticket holders who have requested refunds are being processed as rapidly as possible. We are sorry that the procedure is taking longer than normal due to the amount of demands. Thank you for your continued persistence and your patronage as we resolve this crisis.

If you have concerns about a program, our box office is open by phone ONLY Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at 301-600-2828.

Authorities and the Trick Service are investigating an event in Frederick involving an apparent attempt to intimidate citizens with the shipment of a threatening letter. The Secret Service is involved because the letter particularly threatened Democratic governmental candidate Joe Biden and vice governmental candidate Sen. Kamala Harris. Like people in lots of communities, citizens in Frederick show their political choices through yard signs.

Kirk Henneberry stated. The letter cautioned, "If you are a Biden-Harris fan, you will be targeted. We have a list of houses by your election signs. We will not comply or give anything up, particularly our weapons." The writer threatens to shoot and eliminate former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot and injured in 2011.

The author threatens to beat Biden and rape Harris and carry out both on national TV.The letter has actually been shared with the Trick Service." Our concern is we consider that details to the authorities, the Secret Service, and make certain they have all the details they require to follow up and examine," Henneberry said.

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Police said the targeted house owners do not recognize the guy captured on doorbell surveillance video. So far, no similar incident has been reported. Cops and the Trick Service are examining an incident in Frederick including an evident effort to daunt citizens with the delivery of a threatening letter. The Trick Service is included since the letter specifically threatened Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Sen.

Like people in numerous neighborhoods, locals in Frederick reveal their political choices through backyard signs. But early Sunday morning at a home with Biden-Harris check in the lawn, a male strolled up to the door and left a warning." The beginning of the letter makes some basic threats about people supporting particular candidates," Frederick authorities Lt.

The letter alerted, "If you are a Biden-Harris advocate, you will be targeted. We have a list of houses by your election signs. We will not comply or give anything up, especially our guns." The writer threatens to shoot and eliminate former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot and injured in 2011.

The author threatens to beat Biden and rape Harris and perform both on nationwide TV.The letter has actually been shown the Secret Service." Our issue is we give that details to the authorities, the Secret Service, and ensure they have all the details they require to follow up and investigate," Henneberry stated.

Authorities said the targeted property owners do not acknowledge the male recorded on doorbell security video. So far, no comparable event has actually been reported.

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together with his other half in the guest seat. They made a stop at Carroll Kehne's Gulf Station on 400 West Patrick Street, where Truman found ten reporters and professional photographers from D.C. waiting for him. Truman and his other half consumed Cokes and ice water while his automobile was being serviced at the station, for about thirty minutes.

In shock, Kehne mentions that when Truman's Chrysler Imperial got here in the parking lot that it was "beautiful." After Truman had his Coke and his automobile filled with gas, Kehne would not let him pay the charge, saying, He stated they spoke about whatever, as Kehne put it, "He was the kind of person who could speak with you about anything, repairing cars and trucks or changing oil, or politics." The "famous" Coca-Cola bottle is presently on display screen at the Museum of Frederick County History.

Destruction from COVID-19 shutdowns were swift and dramatic here at Environment for Humanity of Frederick County this previous March. One Monday we had a personnel meeting to speak about different preventative measures we might take throughout the spread of the infection, however then things moved so quickly that by the end of that week we were almost totally shut down.

Furthermore, our house build and house repair programs near to protect volunteers and customers, the bulk of whom are seniors. Without the ReStore revenue, and without programs in operation, we were pushed into financial crisis almost overnight and our leadership was forced to furlough most of our personnel. Those preliminary weeks at the beginning of whatever COVID were extremely frightening for us, as I am sure they were for a lot of you.